1. Line a round tin/pop off tin with Baking Parchment
  2. Set oven at 160° – 170° C
  3. Chop up apples, sprinkle with some white sugar and toss in juice, cover and set aside
  4. Sieve flour and baking powder into large bowl
  5. Break up butter with fingertips
  6. Add brown sugar and spice
  7. Add apples
  8. Beat eggs with milk and mix in. You should have a dropping consistency
  9. Spoon into prepared tin, and sprinkle with a little white sugar
  10. Put into the oven
  11. Loosely cover with a sheet of tinfoil after about 20 min
  12. Remove from oven after 40/45 min, and leave to cool in tin

Apple Cake May 2020