It was a great relief to all locals living in Riverstown last week that Minister Michael McGrath and his Department finally signed off on the long awaited Glanmire Flood Relief Scheme. The people of Glanmire have waited nearly 9 years for the scheme to progress to this final stage from its inception and it’s long overdue. Since the OPW consented to progressing the scheme last week there is now a 12 week period where there is the possibility of someone challenging the decision by way of judicial review but once that 12 week period elapses it will be possible to proceed to the tender, the appointment of a contractor and commencement of the scheme.

I was delighted that Minister McGrath designated this scheme as the first flood prevention scheme in the country to be signed off after new EU laws governing Environmental Impact Assessments were reviewed. It shows his commitment to the area, Cork and the locals who he met last summer at my request. I am now looking forward to this plan being expedited and that the embankments, walls and other flood prevention measures designed can proceed. If any one would like further details on the scheme please contact my office for details or visit the OPW website.

Padraig O’Sullivan, TD

Local Cllr. Ger Keohane hopes that all necessary work will commence as soon as possible to put an end to the misery of homeowners . He thanked al the local and national public reps for their work on this essential project for Glanmire.