SUSI grant applications open April 22nd 2021 for new applicants

SUSI grant applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are now open for renewals (those already enrolled in courses) and will open on the 22nd April for new applications. SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) is the main financial support scheme for students studying in Ireland and abroad.

Citizens Information handles many queries from parents about SUSI and advises the student applies on-line for the grant, not the parents, because the student is the principal contact on the application for SUSI queries and all future contact.

The SUSI grant supports students in two ways;

Maintenance Grants which assist with living costs and Fee Grants which cover the cost of third level education fees for an academic year.  If a student qualifies for the Maintenance Grant they will also get the Fee Grant, whereas some students will only qualify for the Fee Grant.

To qualify you must meet all the conditions of the scheme. These include;

Nationality Condition / Residence Condition /Means Test / Approved Course of Study / Progression /Maximum period of grant assistance.

Many people ask about the progression condition. In general, grants are not available if one is repeating or attending a course that does not represent progression to a higher level. Students who change courses in first year should be aware of this.


The family income levels for eligibility for the maintenance grant 2021-2022 are

Number of dependent children Full maintenance Part maintenance (75%) Part maintenance (50%) Part maintenance (25%)
Less than 4 €39,875 €40,970 €43,380 €45,790
4 to 7 €43,810 €45,025 €47,670 €50,325


The maintenance rates for the Student Grant Scheme for the academic year 2021-2022 are:

Type Non-adjacent rate Adjacent rate
Special rate €5,915 €2,375
Full maintenance €3,025 €1,215
Part maintenance (75%) €2,270 €910
Part maintenance (50%) €1,515 €605
Part maintenance (25%) €755 €305

How much one may get depends on many factors particularly your financial means and distance from college. You may qualify for a full or partial grant.

Commenting on the SUSI grant application process, John Beausang, Citizens Information Manager for the Cork City North area said, “The on-line application process for the SUSI Grant can seem overwhelming to students who are beginning their third level of education. For any student or family needing advice or further information around the SUSI Grant, they can contact us in complete confidence, we provide free, independent and non-judgmental assistance and advice.”


Anyone needing information, advice or who has an advocacy issue can contact the service weekdays from 9:30am – 4:30pm at:


Alternatively, you can log on to for further information.